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Visiting us by Air

We are currently closed to all visiting pilots. We very much hope to be able to reopen and see you all soon.

Airfield Information

Circuit & runway information

GA circuit height is 800ft. 08LH, 26RH. TORA/LDA 803m. There is a 100m unlicensed extension beyond each runway end, and runway distance remaining markers to the north of the runway to help with decision making. Note there is no longer a microlight circuit.


Rwy 08 – A normal approach, but please avoid getting low on final approach or using excessive power settings when overflying Compton Village.
Rwy 26 – A normal approach.


Rwy 08 – As soon as practicable, on passing the end of the runway, turn left in order to avoid overflying Hatts Barn Farmhouse.
Rwy 26 – As soon as practicable, on passing the end of the runway, turn right in order to cross the top of the Melbury Hill. Avoid overflying any part of Compton Abbas village.


Turbulence will be encountered on both runways when the wind has a southerly component in excess of 8 -10 knots. Low approach paths combined with excess speed is not recommended when these conditions prevail. Such approaches will place the aircraft in the worst of the turbulent air and will result in a touchdown point well along the runway length.

Taxiways & parking

All taxying is to the south of the runway. To the East of the strobe, in the line of aircraft closest to the runway. No parking in front of the building or on the apron please.

Air/Ground Radio 122.710

We’ll always answer your initial call and any special requests. However, to enable us to provide a good service in reception, please prefix your calls with ‘Compton Traffic’ if your call does not require a response ie ‘Compton Traffic G-CK downwind’. We are unable to accept non-radio aircraft to the airfield.

Landing fees & overnight parking

£15 light single, £10 microlight, £20 twin. Stay over for £10 per night. Touch and gos are charged at £10 each. After many years of keeping landing fees the same we have decided to increase them for 2020.

However…landings will be £10 for GA if you upload 50 litres or more of Avgas 100LL or £6 for Microlights for 20 litres or more upload of Avgas UL91.

Keep your eyes peeled for our self serve fuel system coming soon!


We are a customs designated airfield. 100ll & UL91 both available at competitive prices. Lubricants available too. Self-service. We have a ‘Fast track’ system for pilots – which enables you to order from us in Ops when you sign in – and save queuing at the bar. Great if you are on a tight schedule!

Taxis & local information

As we’re in the middle of the beautiful countryside – we recommend giving the taxi firms a call with at least an hours notice. Shaftesbury (North). Use 01747 prefix; Hilltop: 855555, Country Cars: 850950, Shaftesbury Taxis: 855009, Hansom Cabs: 852020. Blandford (South). Use 01258 prefix; Oakwood: 455555, Edwards: 860730. Have a look at the Visit Dorset website for information on local accommodation and activities: https://www.visit-dorset.com/visitor-information/shaftesbury-tourist-information-centre-p1408343.

Surface conditions

We​ are waterlogged only on extremely rare occasions. However, inevitably, in the winter we do have a soft field after heavy rain. We ask very nicely that you adhere to the following in order to keep the runway serviceable for everyone and in the good condition we try so hard to keep it. Thank you very much for your co-operation in advance:

Please use minimum braking, slow taxi speeds and execute large radius turns on the field. With 800 meters of grass to play with you shouldn’t need to use the brakes as friction will slow you down quickly. Braking on a soft field can cause a lot of damage to the extent where we cannot operate – especially if the ground freezes after indentations have been made through braking.

  • "Thank You!"

    Just a quick note to thank you for the service today when we called in. What a fabulous change to come across a happy, vibrant and cheerful bunch of people. I'm looking forward to returning.

    Jeff, Cotswold Helicopters

  • "The Best Place"

    Compton is the best place to be on a day like today.

    Chris Gotke, Royal Naval pilot

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Whether you’re up for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the skies over Dorset, want to learn to fly or just come for breakfast in an outstanding location, Compton Abbas is the place! Our friendly team are always on hand to help, so feel free to get in touch.

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