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Are there weight restrictions?

Yes – as with all flights including commercial we do a weight and balance calculation beforehand. We have the following weight restrictions/guides for our aircraft: Piper Warrior – Please contact the operations desk if the intended voucher holder is over 20 stone. We may well still be able to accommodate you but may have to make some provisions. Two Seater C42: Maximum weight 14 stone. Chipmunk: Maximum weight limit 16 stone. Harvard: Maximum weight 18 stone. Stearman: Maximum weight 18 stone.

Are there age or health restrictions?


You just need to sign a temporary membership form on the day. In doing so you will state that you feel ok in yourself mentally and physically that day. If you have any concerns or medical conditions that you feel may restrict you from flying then please contact your doctor. We regret that we are unable to fly any persons with a mental or physical disability. We can however recommend ‘Aerobility’ who have a flying club specifically set up for anyone who might fall in to this category.


There is a minimum age of 14 years for all our aircraft apart from the four seater which has a minimum age of 7 years (for back seat occupancy only). There is no upper age limit. If you have any concerns about age related mobility then we usually say that if you can get in and out of the bath unaided you’ll be fine! The participant will need to be able to alight and disembark the aircraft unaided. Please note that this is particularly relevant for the Stearman and Harvard which are more challenging to get in and out of!

How long is my voucher valid for?

Your voucher will be valid for a year. Due to our generous validity period and ease of booking we do not offer refunds or complimentary extensions; although 3month extensions can be purchased. Please remember that your flight may be cancelled due to weather, so you should allow plenty of time to rebook should this be the case with your flight. We strongly recommend that you book the voucher within 3 months of the purchase date.
Please see additional info below in regard to 2020 expiry.

Can I transfer my voucher?

Vouchers are not refundable once purchased. If you, or the person who you have bought the voucher for, does not want to fly then the voucher can however be reissued in a different name for a small admin fee. Vouchers cannot be transferred between the Vintage aircraft and the two seater or piper warrior aircraft as the former are run by DH Heritage Flights Limited, and the latter by Compton Abbas Airfield Ltd.

Can I change my flight booking/what happens if I don’t turn up for my flight?

Please note that if you cancel your booking with less than 24 hours notice then there will be a cancellation fee which will go to the flying instructor that was booked for your flight. You will be able to book in for another day once this fee has been paid.

Do I need to wear any special clothing?

We suggest that you wear comfortable clothing and leave the high heels at home – wearing enclosed shoes. If you’re flying in the Stearman you will need to wear soft shoes such as trainers. Those flying in the Chipmunk, Stearman or Harvard will be lent a military issue flying suit to wear for the duration of the experience.

Can I take another person with me?

The Piper Warrior is the only aircraft with seating for more than one person. Whether or not you can take another person up to occupy one of the rear seats depends on weight and weather restrictions. Usually two medium sized adults in addition to the pilot/flying instructor is fine – the additional person will just need to become a member of the club for the day for a small fee of £15.00. Please note that terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

My voucher has an expiry date during 2020/Covid year, can I still use it?

If you had a voucher purchased in 2019 with a 2020 expiry (Covid year) we have been honouring them with a complimentary extension during 2021. However, these vouchers will need to be redeemed during 2021 and no additional free extensions will be granted. You are welcome to purchase a 3-month extension for 2022.

How long will my flight last?

As an explanation of how long your flight will last: “an aircraft is deemed in ‘flight’ from the moment when, after the embarkation of its crew for the purpose of taking off, it first moves under its own power, until the moment when it next comes to rest after landing.”

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