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Get your pilot’s licence for FREE!

Compton Abbas Airfield is running THE competition of 2021 with its FREE Light Aircraft Pilot’s Licence giveaway!

We are looking for one lucky winner who can make the absolute most of this amazing opportunity.

The competition will run from the 1st February 2021 to the 30th April 2021 with the winner being announced on the 5th May. Training can start straight away this summer season after the announcement!

Please see entry details and T’s and C’s below…


Competition T’s and C’s

Compton Abbas Airfield LTD, Ashmore, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP55AP

• Entry to the competition is free
• Entrants must provide a CV, cover letter and complete an entrant test
• Entrants will enter via the email address laura@abbasair.com
• Entrants must not currently hold membership, employment or self employment at Compton Abbas Airfield. No persons related to the aforementioned may enter the competition.
• Entrants must be over the age of 18 and a UK resident within an accessible distance to the airfield.
• Entrants must not currently hold, have completed or started any form of pilot’s licence previously in this country or elsewhere in the world. Details of the LAPL licence are explained here: https://www.caa.co.uk/General-aviation/Pilot-licences/Aeroplanes/Light-Aircraft-Pilot-Licence-for-aeroplanes/
• Entrants must be in good physical health that would allow them to complete a Self-Declaration Medical. More information on this can be found here: https://www.caa.co.uk/general-aviation/pilot-licences/medical-requirements/medical-requirements-for-private-pilots/ should the entrant fail this medical, the competition will be reopened, and another entrant chosen.
• The competition begins on 01.02.2021 and will finish on 30.04.2021, with the winner being announced on 05.05.2021. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted to complete an entrant test and an interview. This will be in line with current Covid-19 government guidelines.
• No cash alternative can be substituted in exchange for the prize
• The winning entrant will be provided with free membership to the club for the duration of the training course, a free pilot starter pack from Pooley’s ltd, the 30 hours of the LAPL course, and all 9 associated exams, plus the final general skills test. Costs for the issue of a medical, accommodation or travel to the airfield for the flying lessons are not included.
• If the winning entrant fails to complete the licence in the minimum 30 hours they will, after that quantity, be responsible for the payments of each hour of flight time, at the price stipulated by the club.
• Entrants can only enter the competition once
• If the winning entrant voluntarily withdraws from the course, except in the case of a deterioration in medical fitness below the standard required for the licence itself, the club would look to recoup the associated costs
• Entrant’s availability (for flying lessons) will be considered as part of the application process. Entrants must be available to complete the training in summer 2021. Entrants must be able to show serious ambition to have a career in aviation.
• Entrant’s applications will be assessed by a board of three members (the airfield Director, the Deputy Head of Training and one independent member) who will come to decision based upon the entrant’s CV, cover letter and performance on the aforementioned general aviation related test. A conditional offer will be made that will then be confirmed once the prerequisites have been met.
• The winner will be required to agree that progress, achievements, and information related to their course may be used by Compton Abbas Airfield Ltd for its own marketing purposes. This may be in the form of many different types of media, including but not limited to pictorial and video content.
Compton Abbas Airfield is in no way responsible for any death, injury or loss experienced by the winning entrant and participation is taken entirely at the entrant’s own risk.

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