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The Light Aircraft Pilots Licence (LAPL)

The LAPL covers a very similar course content to the PPL. The main difference is that you can only add certain ratings to your LAPL licence ( night VFR, towing and mountain ) and you cannot add an instrument rating or instructor rating. So if your aim is to fly with friends and family in good weather conditions this is the ideal licence for you. You need 30 hours to apply for your licence as opposed to 45 for the PPL, and the medical can be done by your GP.

We do our best to keep you with the same instructor throughout your training to help with continuity and confidence – and with personalised one-to-one training you cover the course at a pace that suits you. Each lesson is a two hour block with an hours flying and an hours free ground school. This means you comfortably cover the subjects that form the multiple choice exams and can sit them with confidence.

You will enjoy the benefits of training at an airfield with no controlled airspace or commercial traffic to contend with. Not only does this save you money as you can do all your training at your home field, but it provides a relaxed training environment. Learning on grass (the most common landing surface) will also mean you develop a high level of aircraft handling skill.

Age: You can start to log hours from 14, go solo at 16 and apply for your licence at 17 years of age. As an upper age limit guide most insurers consider 80 a cut-off point. There are exceptions to the rule however – and you can still fly with an instructor after this big birthday!

Medical Requirements: You will need a medical certificate before you are able to fly the aircraft solo – so around 12-25 hours in to your course. We suggest you as soon as possible. We can point you in the right direction for the correct medical form to take to your GP.

Time Scale: You can do your licence in a matter of weeks with an intensive training course – or do it at a leisurely pace with one lesson a month or so. Most people take about a year which is an ideal balance between good progress and taking the time to really enjoy your flying. In 2014 the CAA introduced a requirement for additional ground school which you will do and pay for per hour with your instructor as and when you need to do it.

Keeping current: Once you have gained your licence you will need to make sure that you keep current. The LAPL has a rolling validity, where you need to have done 12 hours in the previous 24 months, plus 1 hour with a qualified flight instructor.

The important bits: Click here for our price lists. As we own and operate the whole aerodrome we can keep our rates low whether you opt for the pay-as-you-go option or the pre-payment option of our ‘LAPL Packages’. You will not have to pay for any landings at Compton during your training here, so will save money both on this, and by not having to travel to another airfield to do them.

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