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Other Courses – IR(R),Tailwheel, Ratings

Tailwheel, Instrument Rating Restricted, Companions Course, Ground School, Conversion onto your own aircraft and of course renewals and revalidations of your ratings. With our experienced team of instructors and examiners there’s not much we can’t do.

Tailwheel Training

You can carry out tailwheel training in our beautiful Chipmunk, G-BZGA. We have several flight instructors who can carry out tailwheel conversion training from Compton, whether in our own aircraft, or in yours. The course tends to be a minimum of five hours in order to get you to solo standard. However we can do as much or as little as you like; perhaps you only have nosewheel time and just want to have an hour in a tailwheel for experience, or perhaps you would like to really hone your skills and do an intensive and thorough course. Just let us know you requirements and we will tailor make the course for you.

The Instrument Rating (Restricted) (IR(R))

The IMC rating or IR(R) will give you greater confidence in the air, increase your skills as a pilot and give you a solid grounding in instrument flying. ​​The IR(R) course consists of 15 hours of instruction in the air and 20 hours instruction on the ground. You will take one ground exam which we will prepare you for, with the help of study guides. Once the course has been completed you will fly with an examiner covering the areas outlined below – which we can easily arrange for you with our resident examiner.

​​Full and Limited panel instrument flying covering straight and level flying, turns onto specific heading, climbing and descending, recovery from unusual attitudes and some partial panel flying. You will also use one or more radio navigation aids to maintain a given track for a given period of time. Let down and approach procedures will be covered including approaches to a decision height and the appropriate go around and missed approach procedures. Bad weather circuits will also be covered under simulated bad weather conditions.

Have a look at the Compton Price List for the hourly rates for IR(R) training. Training can be carried out in your own aircraft or in one of the club’s. Both the Trevor Thom study guide and IR(R) Confuser are available in our Pooley’s shop on site – as a member you are entitled to a discount on all Pooley’s equipment. Please contact us if you require any further information, or even better arrange a time to come up and chat to one of our instructors. We’re here 6 days a week for you. Please see overleaf for the minimum requirements and course content. We hope to see you soon!

Flying Companions Course

This course is invaluable for those who fly regularly as passengers and would like to become more involved in the experience. It is also great for increasing confidence and as a course in its own right – giving you an enjoyable and informative introduction to flying light aircraft. Your flying instructor will talk through the course layout with you and personalise it – so that we focus on areas that will enable you to realise your own aims. You don’t need any previous experience or knowledge of aviation for this course, we start from the very beginning.

We have a suggested course programme but we can work to your needs and wants. If you fly regularly with a private pilot maybe you would like to help out with navigation? Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of being able to land an aircraft yourself. Just get in touch to discuss a personalised course. Payment is on a pay-as-you-go basis in any of our main fleet (the Ikarus C42, Piper Warrior or Chipmunk).

Renewals, revalidations and conversions

If your licence has lapsed or you need to do your bi-annual flight with an instructor we can do this for you. With a choice of experienced instructors and examiners that can cover all sorts of aircraft types, we can carry out the flight in your own aircraft, or in one of our fleet. We can also carry out conversion training on almost anything you may want to fly! Have a look here for the prices, and if you have any questions regarding your paperwork please get in touch with us at Compton.

Ground School Study

We have teamed up with Bristol Ground School to provide a course of computer based ground school training for the LAPL and PPL exams. The exams themselves will still need to be sat at Compton, however the online course provides some great and user friendly content, as well as a selection of exam questions for practice sittings. Alternatively, you can use the Trevor Thom study guide books which you can purchase from us in ops or from Pooleys directly. Although there is no criteria as to how and when you sit the exams, we suggest the following as a guide to base your study and exam sittings on. Click here for more information!

Module 1:  Aircraft General Knowledge & Principles of Flight
Module 2:  Air Law & Operational Procedures
Module 3:  Navigation & Flight Performance/Planning
​Module 4:  Meteorology & Human Factors
Module 5:  Communications written & FRTOL practical

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